Dennis Oland posts $50K bail entirely with pennies

Dennis Oland posts $50K bail entirely with pennies

Saint John — After a show cause hearing the morning of Oct. 25, Judge Andrew LeBarron set Dennis Oland’s bail at the sum of $50K. Within 2 hours, one of Oland’s lawyers appeared at the city cashier’s desk in Brunswick Square.

“A guy in a suit showed up with a burlap sack over his shoulder. He looked mean,” recalled Rebecca Taggert, who was working as the cashier.

“Then I looked past him and saw a line of other guys in suits with sacks over their shoulders… I tried to explain that this is where you’re supposed to pay for parking tickets and some permits and licences.”

CCTV provided to The Manatee shows the row of more than a dozen men dropping the sacks in front of the frantic cashier. The man at the head of the pack then appears to fart into his cupped hand and make a tossing motion toward the cashier. The men then all raise their middle fingers before departing toward the elevators.

“It was horrible,” said Taggert. “It was a really busy day and it was just before my lunch break and I’m still kind of new here.”

Jury selection for Oland’s new trial is expected to be even more involved than what took place before his first trial, during which time Harbour Station was filled in an effort to find citizens without a biased opinion of Oland. For the second trial, the Crown prosecutor’s office announced a plan involving the attempted waking of long-term coma patients.

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