Documentary explores NB resident’s love affair with ATV

Minto — Anyone familiar with New Brunswick knows that all its residents love ATVs, but one man in Minto loves his just a little bit more than everyone else. Award-winning filmmaker Jared Carney explores the life of 24-year-old Ken, who is in a controversial relationship with his four-wheeler “Chad,” and how it affects his life and the lives around him.

This documentary has already won the audience choice award (among others) at the 2014 Silver Wave Film Festival in Fredericton, and will soon be touring festivals everywhere to show the world an accurate portrayal of New Brunswick.

The Manatee is proud to present our readers with Jared Carney and Creeker Films’ award-winning documentary below:

People Are Strange from Creeker Films on Vimeo.

For more information, visit the Creeker Films Facebook page.

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