Erin O’Toole campaigning with swab sticking out of nose

Erin O’Toole campaigning with swab sticking out of nose

New Brunswick — As the election campaign gained steam in its first week, federal Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is beginning to stick out on the hustings.

In his sweep through the Picture Province today, O’Toole conspicuously had a COVID-19 testing swab sticking out of his nose during every campaign stop.

The questionable Q-tip is part of promoting his recently clarified stance against the mandatory vaccination of federal public servants. On Sunday, O’Toole finally responded to the Trudeau campaign’s plank that all federal civil servants must be vaccinated as a condition of their employment. The Tory leader said that a Conservative government would instead require unvaccinated public servants to take daily rapid COVID-19 tests.

When challenged on why the government would incur the cost and logistics of daily rapid tests instead of mandating vaccination, O’Toole maintained that the entire process is not complicated at all.

“I mean, look at me for example,” he said. “I get a rapid COVID test several times per day. I get tested so much that I just leave the swab up in there. So now, it’s as easy as checking the oil in your car!

“Let me explain. First, you get a swab and stick it in someone’s nose or throat. Then, you wipe the swab on a piece of paper. Then, you mix it with some special liquids and let it sit around. And, only 30 or so minutes later, you have your result! See, it’s super-efficient, especially if you reuse the swab like me!  Reusing the swab is much better for the environment.

“Here, anyone want to take a yank on my ‘dipstick’ and give me a rapid test?” he smiled, looking around the press scrum.

“Anyone?…Anyone?…No? All right, you can take my word for it then I guess.”

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