Even more cougars spotted in NB, this time near Saint John’s R-Bar

Even more cougars spotted in NB, this time near Saint John’s R-Bar

Saint John — An article last week by CBC said that recent tests have definitively disproved the presence of cougars in New Brunswick. The first batch of DNA testing of scat and hair revealed the samples to be that of the bobcat species. However, local bar-goer and nature enthusiast Jim Reverson disagrees with these findings.

“I dunno where them scientists are getting their samples from, boy, but let me tell you: I’ve seen plenty of cougar around these parts,” said Reverson, a faithful patron of uptown Saint John’s R-Bar who claims to have seen cougars coming and going there for years.

“It’s a bit of a nuisance, really,” Reverson added. “You wanna just sit there and have a drink, talk with your friends, and all the while, you have these damn cougars eyeing you from the back of the room. It’s unsettling, to say the least.”

Reverson said a few of his friends have come under attack by cougars in recent months, narrowly escaping with their lives. “Oh yeah, for sure. This one time, Billy went up to the bar for another Alpine, and was hooked onto by two or three at the same time. We didn’t hear from him until the following Tuesday. Scratches all up and down his back. They even stole his smokes. It was bad.”

Reverson said that while you can’t avoid cougars in the area altogether, their scent — a strong rose-tinged perfume, mixed with the odour of stale Matinee Slims brand cigarettes — can tip you off to their presence.

Attempts by The Manatee to contact R-Bar management for comment have so far been unsuccessful.

  1. cougars have as much right to be in the RBar as any other of the leeches,rodents, barflys that stick to you like feces,most cougars are there to have a drink and enjoy themselves,are they less entitled to that than the ME GENERATION.I don;t think so…………………


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