Facebook friend: ‘Fossil fuels not going away anytime soon’

Facebook friend: ‘Fossil fuels not going away anytime soon’

Halifax — Although no one asked him, David Foster of Halifax, N.S. went to Facebook over the weekend to offer his thoughts on climate change and fossil fuels.

“That phone in your hand right now? Where do you think that came from? An organic farm?!?!” Foster wrote, arguing with a friend in the comments of their Facebook post.

The 21-year-old, who reportedly does not get invited out much nowadays, is in his fourth year at Dalhousie University studying commerce. “So I know business,” he told The Manatee. When asked about his experience with energy markets and climate change, Foster said he wrote an essay about it once and got a pretty decent mark.

“I like Dave, but man he can be abrasive,” a friend of Foster told The Manatee. The friend wished to remain anonymous for fear of starting a tweet war.

“It’s Friday. Can’t we just have some drinks and play Catan?” the anonymous friend lamented about hanging out with Foster. “We can’t with Dave because he just starts yammering about agrarian societies being more destructive than the oil sands. I don’t think that’s true, but I don’t have the energy to argue with him. I just got off work.”

Isolated by his real-life friends, Foster only has Facebook as a platform for his aggressive and simplistic points. “If Justin wants to tax the air we breath, why not tax people for sleeping?” Foster continued in the comments.

“What are you talking about, Dave? This article is about health care for veterans,” replied one friend.

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