First ever image of Minto released by UNB researchers

First ever image of Minto released by UNB researchers

Fredericton — For decades, Minto, New Brunswick, has been shrouded in mystery. Is it inhabitable? Are the trees really made of mint?

This week, a small group of UNB researchers have taken the first step toward discovering the answers to these questions by successfully capturing the first photo of the village ever taken.

“Well, of course, the idea of actually going there is completely absurd,” said lead researcher Deborah Vickers. “We had to develop a whole new technology that would be capable of taking photos from a safe distance.”

Since the photo was first published on Wednesday, many questioned whether this would lend credence to the claims that there is intelligent life inhabiting the area.

“No,” said Dr. Vickers, shaking her head. “We’ve seen no real evidence of that.”

The doctor also explained some of the difficulties inherent in photographing Minto, chief among them being the fact that the village sucks all joy and light out of the atmosphere, making it nearly impossible to capture on film or through a digital lens.

Sparing the details on how their newly developed camera actually works (it involves a lot of running and jumping up and down), Vickers recalled the moment she saw the fully rendered image.

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘Wow, what a terrible, terrible disappointment,’” she said contemplatively.

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