Government designates Route 630 as heritage site

Government designates Route 630 as heritage site

McAdam — The provincial government will designate Route 630 — a section of “road” between Andersonville and McAdam, as a provincial heritage site.

The announcement was made today by Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture John Ames. “Route 630 is home to some of the oldest known pristine, unpatched potholes in the Maritimes,” said Ames. “It is important to take this momentous step to preserve the rich heritage of the region for future generations to enjoy.”

Ames stressed the age of the potholes, ruts, depressions and cracks in Route 630 as a key factor in the decision. “You call tell their size by how old they are, you know? They’re like trees: the bigger they are, the older they are. The ones that go from one side of what’s left of the road to the other… think of the time required to grow those — it’s… it’s just impressive.”

The heritage designation will mean no patching or repaving work will take place on Route 630. “I am told those who use Route 630 on a regular basis will not notice the difference,” stated Ames.

Eldon Watson, who owns a nearby garage, praised the decision. Watson told The Manatee he depends on the work created by the near-innavigable surface of Route 630.

“I tellya, I work like a dog for six, eight weeks straight in the spring, morning past supper most every day. I’ll replace crossmembers, struts, control arms, ball joints, exhaust components, the works; that road keeps me in business,” said Watson. “I want to thank the gubbermint for creating work for a feller like me.”

Also pleased with the announcement is Casey Saunders, a resident of McAdam. He said it will help preserve memories of “Vicki.”

“I bought Vicki back in 1972,” he said. “She was a Ford Pinto that done got swallowed up by the big ol’ hole right by the crick in ’74. Ain’t nobody never seen her again. I go by there now and then, just to lay a couple of bolts or something and let her know I remember.

“Now I don’t gotta worry about them road crews paving over Vicki’s grave,” he added, mopping away tears. “I’m sure the others, who lost their cars in the big holes, feel the same way. I know they come to remember, ‘cuz I see folks leave hubcaps, mufflers, tailpipes, in memory of the lost. It touches a fella, you know?”

Watson, meanwhile, wonders if Route 3 between Harvey and Manners Sutton might deserve the same designation soon.

“Might open up a new garage in that stretch, put my son in business, the way things are going.”

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