New Brunswick man identifies as Brian Gallant

New Brunswick man identifies as Brian Gallant

Minto — He used to be called Brent Munn, but now he goes by a more recognizable name: Brian Gallant. Gallant, a mechanic from Minto, N.B., surprised family and friends when he revealed that he identifies as New Brunswick’s handsome premier, and would no longer be the simple Brent Munn.

“Well, it started when I seen them people who identify as who they want now,” explained Gallant. “Once the notion got in my head, I started feeling funny any time I saw pictures or video of ‘Brian 1’ in the news. It felt warm, buzzy, right familiar or something,”

Gallant went to see a therapist, with whom he was able to come to the conclusion that his “funny feelings” were not due to attraction (like so many New Brunswickers), but rather due to a subconscious revelation that he himself was also Gallant. His therapist encouraged him to explore this by fully embracing the identity.

Gallant says legally changing his name wasn’t an issue, though it did raise some eyebrows. The hardest part for him has been acceptance among peers.

“Sure, there have been some challenges,” admits Gallant. “I tried using my private office at the legislature the other day and security booted me out. They said I don’t look or sound anything like the premier, and they carried me right out of the building. We’ve got a long way to go in New Brunswick if the legislature treats residents like trash.”

The Manatee managed to get some free time with Premier Brian Gallant, or ‘Brian 1’ as he is now known, to get his thoughts on his new doppelgänger.

“Well, I can’t say I’m surprised that people would identify with me. It’s how I got elected,” said the smooth-talking premier. “But as far as identifying as me? All I’ll say to Mr. Munn is: you don’t know me, you don’t know where I’m from, and you don’t know what I’ve had to do to get to where I am today. Check your privilege.”

Brian 2 thinks he may not be alone, and encourages other Brian Gallants to step forward and reveal their true, inner selves to the world.

“It don’t matter what we look like on the outside. On the inside we’re all handsome, blonde, fit premiers who know what’s best for the province,” explained Gallant. “And you know what? I may get made fun of a bit now, but people sure do perk up and listen to my thoughts on politics. That tells you something. They’re ready to accept even more Brian Gallants in New Brunswick.”

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