Greta Thunberg’s sweet sixteen’s top 6 presents

Greta Thunberg’s sweet sixteen’s top 6 presents

Sweden — Even though Greta Thunberg turned 16 at the beginning of 2019, the young superstar has remained tight-lipped on what her favourite birthday presents were — until now.

With her many fans dying to know more about her personal life, a Manatee foreign correspondent visited Greta at her parents’ home in Sweden to chat about the fun-filled festivities and which gifts Greta treasured the most.

“Normally I would not speak about such trivial things, but I am a big fan of The Manatee and how you say whatever you want about your own evil forest-killing corporations,” said Thunberg over a steaming plate of her mother’s Swedish meatballs.

“I do not know why you care about this, but I will share this information with you in the hopes that it somehow has something to do with saving the world from ourselves.”

  1. A season 1 DVD box-set of 90 Day Fiancé: Yes, we all have our guilty pleasures, and Greta is no different. Sometimes the environmental rockstar likes to just kick back and not think about all the problems plaguing the world. What better way than watching one of TLC’s most hilarious and heartfelt shows?

  2. A scrapbook of all the politicians she has glared at: This one was more of a gag gift from Greta’s zany dad, but it’s nice to have her very own hard copy of the many memes she has inspired with her signature serious face while some old white guy looks uncomfortable.

  3. A pendant containing the last seed of an extinct species of tree: Aww, it looks so good on her! Greta’s bestie Yvonne gave her this really cute pendant. The seed is from a Nesiota elliptica, which went extinct in 1994. Rather than use the final seed to revive the species, some artisan preserved it in glass. Beautiful!

  4. A Tesla car: Wow, I guess being famous can really pay off! Greta was sent her very own Tesla by none other than Elon Musk himself. Now she can roll up to conventions in style without burning fossil fuels like she was before with all the taxis and airplane rides.

  5. Her dreams: The night of her birthday, after being tuckered out from a long day of partying with her gal pals, Greta was so exhausted that she fell asleep at 8 p.m. and had sugar-fuelled dreams all night of an Earth powered by wind and solar energy, with corporations being taxed to death for their carbon footprint. Wow, crazy dream, Greta! Too bad your dreams were stolen from you by stupid adults who don’t care about pollution.

  6. Her childhood: Yes, even though baby boomers and older generations have robbed the international sensation of her childhood, for one blissful day, Greta was treated like a child again — spoiled with cake, a bouncy castle, pony rides and even a silly clown.

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