Halfwits who can’t string sentence together still pretty sure they can defend Confederate flag

Halfwits who can’t string sentence together still pretty sure they can defend Confederate flag

Oromocto — An Oromocto family was hurt by the presence of a Confederate flag — a known symbol of hatred and racism — on the premises of the local high school, being flown from behind a truck. Even more hurtful, though, was the fact that many Oromocto students and residents tried to defend the flag as part of “redneck culture.”

“Its part of redneck culture an if u dont get that than maybe ur the one whose racist and dum,” wrote local numbskull Jeff Wright on Facebook, who is adamantly in favour of the Confederate flag for no real reason. “Any one thats offendid by my write to fly the flag is jus another snowflake. go cry in front of ur computer u little baybe. U r just to ignerent.”

Many idiots even tried to use muddled logic to defend a flag that is completely unrelated to rural life in Atlantic Canada, where they seem to have forgotten they live. In a sad display of illiteracy, Oromocto oaf Dean Allen penned this incoherent defense:

“To the people getting mad @ the confederit flag on the truck at skool wake up. This isn’t about racistm its about pride. pride in ur country and i personally know a lot of black people and they agree with me im pretty sure. I didnt ask them but i think they agree because if not than Y arent they sayin any thing about it???! we all have histrory an if u think ur an acception then ur just stupid. the stupidist person i ever seen.”

Naturally, teachers at the school are humiliated on behalf of their former students who apparently didn’t even bother to do a cursory Google search on the history of the Confederate flag — and for that matter, to look up the word “redneck” — before ranting online.

“A redneck, according to the dictionary, is ‘an uneducated white farm labourer, especially from the South,’ or simply ‘a bigot or reactionary, especially from the rural working class,'” said school counsellor Marilyn Lowell. “So these middle-class students from New Brunswick are trying to associate themselves with Southern U.S. poverty and ignorance? Those calling themselves rednecks are sort of…trying to own racism, and by owning it, they’re dispelling it? It truly makes no sense. I think these dummies just believe ‘redneck’ to mean someone who likes huntin’ and muddin’ and all that outdoor stuff. But that’s clearly not what it is.”

“There’s nothing like the confidence of morons, eh?” said Oromocto High teacher Laura Morrison, shaking her head. “The people arguing for this flag are the same ones who flunked out of my English class and had to go to summer school. Yet here they are waxing philosophical about the history of a flag that actually has nothing to do with their supposed ‘culture.’ It’s embarrassing.”

“Yes, it’s disappointing,” said another educator, Reese Richardson. “I actually teach American history, and it seems that many of the students just saw a cool-looking flag with bright colours and failed to take anything else away from the class. Can I just apologize on behalf of these students?”

These confident boneheads, though, think they can speak for themselves.

“I think i reprisent rednecks everywhere when i say u fly a confederite flag from ur truck or wheeler or even Skidoo then ur a good fella and should be respectid. try educating urself before you say anythin about it,” expressed one imbecilic poster. “Peeple r so ignorint some times!!!!”

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