Inspiring: local man suddenly becomes humanitarian for Canada’s homeless when he hears the word ‘refugee’

Inspiring: local man suddenly becomes humanitarian for Canada’s homeless when he hears the word ‘refugee’

Moncton — Like many superheroes called to action when they hear a cry for help, Brock Chiasson, 33, simply cannot ignore the poor in his own city whenever the subject of refugees infiltrates his surroundings.

The selectively caring man, whose humanitarian work ranges from Facebook to CBC comment threads, seemingly never showed his passion for helping underprivileged Canadians until the talk of welcoming Syrian refugees became a reality.

“It’s incredible,” says Chiasson’s colleague Bonnie Burke. “I never knew he was such an activist!”

Burke assumes that Chiasson hid his empathy because he is an amazingly humble man. “He doesn’t feel like he has to yell his views out all the time, you know?” she explains. “There’s just something about a family that needs to escape their terror-filled country to survive that triggers his inner Mother Teresa — but a Mother Teresa who only helps those who will supposedly not steal her job.”

This same man who will deliberately walk on the other side of the street whenever he sees the homeless man he calls “Stank-Ass Ron” just to avoid eye contact cannot tolerate the audacity  “these emigrents” demonstrate when they arrive in New Brunswick and steal services that should be offered to the local homeless.

In fact, with such strong views, the local soup kitchen is dumbfounded that they have never seen Chiasson volunteer or donate money to the organization. “You’d think that, with adamant opinions such as those, he would at least help his own community,” says head chef Yolande Richardson.

However, Richardson understands that this caring, empathetic humanitarian is doing them a much better service by recruiting other passive activists for the helpless Canadians through Facebook threads. “You never know,” she says with a gleam in her eyes, “maybe one day one of them will actually come and help us out!”

Until then, Chiasson and his group will fight the war against refugees and Trudeau, or, if all else fails, they will flee to Trump’s America.

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