Introverts advocate for more ‘social distancing’

Introverts advocate for more ‘social distancing’

Atlantic Canada — When Jean-Paul Sartre wrote “Hell is other people” in 1944, there is a group of quiet Maritimers who knew exactly what he meant.

And, it’s this group of introverted Canadians who say despite the horrible reason, social distancing to the extreme is the best thing ever.

“It’s like all of your obligations to go see friends and family are cancelled all day every day. It’s so goddamn wonderful!” gushed introverted Haligonian Meghan Celle. “I’m one of those people who find other humans exhausting — especially difficult or dramatic people. After an hour or two in a big crowd, it’s like people are sucking the life force from me. I can’t handle it.

“But, if I hole up in my apartment and avoid all human contact, I’m labelled a weirdo hermit,” she said. “The COVID-19 pandemic is obviously a worldwide tragedy and scary as hell. That said, not needing to ‘people’ all day every day is definitely the most outstanding thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Introverts are known for their love of solitude and small groups, preferring their own company and hobbies to a noisy gathering. Large or hectic crowds are often perceived as overwhelming and stressful.

“Most of the time, normal life leaves me feeling anxious, judged and defensive. I really need time away from others to recharge. This week of social distancing by myself has been the most restful vacation I’ve ever taken! I’ve finished three books and binged four series. And, I’m sleeping as long as I want. I feel like a new person — totally rejuvenated!

“Of course — I mean obviously, the reason for social distancing is beyond awful and my heart goes out to anyone who is sick or who has friends or family impacted by the coronavirus.

“That said, in the meantime…don’t call me. I’ll call you.”

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