Kim MacPherson up for ‘Maritimer of the Week’ after taking over review of property tax mess

Kim MacPherson up for ‘Maritimer of the Week’ after taking over review of property tax mess

Fredericton — Auditor General Kim MacPherson is always there to lend a helping hand when her province is in trouble, and CTV Atlantic may just recognize her selflessness on Friday if she’s chosen as Maritimer of the Week.

MacPherson is stepping in to oversee a thorough review of New Brunswick’s ongoing property tax assessment scandal. Retired justice Joseph Robertson, who reports directly to Brian Gallant’s office, stepped down from the role, and MacPherson was the only auditor willing to deal with the massive mess left in his wake.

Several grateful New Brunswickers called, emailed and sent letters to CTV Atlantic anonymously nominating MacPherson for the Maritimes’ highest honour.

“I just think she’s a great lady who’s doing great things,” said one man who nominated her. “Most weeks I nominate Cindy Day, but CTV told me I can’t nominate her more than 10 times. So Kim’s the next best thing.”

“She’s a selfless hero in our community, that’s for sure,” said another nominator whose house was assessed at double its original value. “Brian Gallant’s government royally screwed the pooch on this property tax assessment, and SNB is in hot water, but I’ll be darned if Kim can’t sort it all out. She’s competent, she’s giving, she knows the ins and outs of an arbitrary tax-assessment formula that was applied in 2,048 of the province’s bills — to me these are all qualities that make someone perfect for Maritimer of the Week.”

It’s not certain that MacPherson will win the coveted award this week, as she’s up against a guy who rescued a cat from a tree and some lady who helps bag groceries at Sobeys in her free time.

“It’s a close competition, but she’s due for it, in my opinion,” said Attorney General Serge Rousselle. “If not, though, it is what it is. It won’t be an ideal situation, but it is what it is.”

If you would like to nominate MacPherson, write to:

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