Married couple decide to be ‘spouses with benefits’

Married couple decide to be ‘spouses with benefits’

Moncton — Laura Hotchkiss and Rainer Fassbender have been married for six years. They share a joint bank account, two children and a mortgage. Despite all of their success, they recently announced via a Facebook video their intentions to take their marriage to bold new heights.

“We’ve decided to start having recreational sex,” Hotchkiss said in the video.

Hotchkiss says that their decision was a difficult one, but that they agreed to it after weeks of conversation and debate.

“You know, I just realized something one day, watching Rainer in the kitchen make us all burgers…” Hotchkiss continued, “he’s handsome. I mean really, quite striking.”

In the video, Fassbender is nodding thoughtfully.

“And I don’t care how this sounds, but sometimes I want him to take his shirt off so I can touch his hairy nipples.”

Fassbender then put a hand on his wife’s back.

“And I have similar feelings. Sometimes when she comes back from a run, all sweaty, I want to take her hands and stuff them both in my mouth. Then I want to take little pieces of paper, press them to the sweat on her forehead, and trap the sweat there forever. Then I want to tack those pieces of paper above the computer in my office and stare at them.”

The video ends with each of them staring into each other’s eyes silently for 20 minutes before slowly pressing the lip parts of their faces together.

The video was removed by Facebook within 24 hours due to “incomprehensible content.” But it was since uploaded to YouTube where it recently struck over a million views.

While the majority of comments are predictably negative, some viewers, even those of retirement age, seemed surprisingly open. User NiceGrandParentMan1955 wrote: “Kids these days have more fun than our generation. That is something that is for sure.”

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