Listicle: Top 11 signs it’s Christmastime 2021 in New Brunswick

Listicle: Top 11 signs it’s Christmastime 2021 in New Brunswick

New Brunswick — It’s time to deck that hall and jingle those bells!

Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go in the Picture Province, and there is plenty of evidence that New Brunswickers are feeling the spirit! People from every corner of the province are in the mood to celebrate after a particularly challenging year.

Today, The Manatee presents the top 11 signs that it’s Christmastime 2021 in New Brunswick.

  1. People start wearing their fur-lined masks.
  2. Ten percent of people worried Santa using vaccine microchip to track who is naughty and nice.
  3. Belldune received coal in their stocking but are not allowed to burn it.
  4. Paying down credit cards enough to begin Christmas shopping.
  5. Googling Christmas recipes made with fresh deer meat.
  6. Kids need to be vaccinated and masked to sit on Santa’s lap, which probably was a good idea all along.
  7. Putting away the “hunter’s orange” jacket until next hunting season…nah, just kidding!
  8. Local service district changes mean urgent address updates for Santa’s list.
  9. New Christmas movie on television featuring the evil grinch named “Omicron.”
  10. Partially lit Christmas light strings because NB Power can’t afford to light the whole thing.
  11. Santa is down to 5 reindeer because 40 percent of the fleet has COVID, and Rudolph is drunk again.

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