Steve Murphy, staple of a million Atlantic Canadian living rooms, commits to just one

Steve Murphy, staple of a million Atlantic Canadian living rooms, commits to just one

Atlantic Canada — Longtime CTV Atlantic News anchor Steve Murphy signed off for the last time on Tuesday night. After being a staple in the living rooms of millions of homes for more than 30 years, he finally has committed to just one: that of the Mackin family in Chipman, New Brunswick.

“Throughout my career, I’ve had to relate the news to every Atlantic Canadian and appear objective, balanced and direct,” Murphy told The Manatee, while eating a croissant in the Mackin kitchen. “I determined that it was high time I just picked one family and stuck with them.”

The fact that this “one family” was the Mackins was a surprise to many, not least of all the Mackins themselves.

“We were a little surprised,” said Gary Mackin. “If there was a contest or something, we didn’t enter it. We watched the last broadcast on Tuesday, just like everybody else. Then, around midnight, we hear the doorbell, and there was Steve, all packed up to stay.”

Although unexpected, the Mackins say that they are quickly growing accustomed to their new resident.

“No complaints yet,” said Stephanie Mackin. “He’s relatively quiet. Polite. Oh, and he’s good with the kids. It’s actually been kind of nice to have someone keep us up-to-date on the news.” 

“The Omicron coronavirus variant has now been found in the U.S. with one confirmed case,” Murphy interjected, reading from his phone. “More, at 11.”

He returned his phone to his pocket, and scratched his nose absently.

“See, that’s the last we’ll hear from him until lunch. It’s hardly intrusive,” Stephanie continued. “In fact, he’s scheduled an in-depth interview with my husband Gary tonight at nine, and I can’t wait to hear it!

“I hope he grills him. I have some questions I want answered vis-à-vis the Christmas cookie shortage in our freezer.” 

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