Litcheracy rates in New Brunswick at record low, acording to stastitics canada

Litcheracy rates in New Brunswick at record low, acording to stastitics canada

New Brunswick — Litcheracy rates in New Brunswick is attanall time low, according to a survey from stastishians Canada. The study, witch was published this week, is the first to look spefically at the maritime provinces and how these people graduate from schools with writing and reading skills or not.

The scientists at stats canada said that people in new Brunswick were performing the worst at writing and reading comprehention tests when compared to the other maritime provinces, yes even newfoundlanding labrador.

This reports is warning that this is not good for people here who want to get jobs were they need to read and write alot and because a lot of jobs like those give you good pay.

“There is also a problem with the wage gap and how education levels something something blah blah,” said one statistics nerd on the phone, dont remember his name.

He said something about talent going to Ontario and quebec for jobs so prolly like he means the america got talent shows.

Like there are a lot of people with no jobs, but their are also jobs you need school for and nobody can find people to do those. Alot of guys are trying to do courses at NBCC but they also need to do part time at timmies to pay for gas.

The stats guy on the phone said that while its cool that the premier minister is trying to make it easier to educate people, its hard because school is still really expensive.

“People need money for school, but they cant make money without school,” he said. “It’s a viscous circle, and the problem is being exasturbated by the current economical stuff of New Brunswick.”

According to other reports even volonteer jobs like online satiracal websites that dont pay anything cant find people to right for them.

  1. I am glad I red this artical. It was yusefull for me to learn some new words wich i did not know how to spele bery well. Now I know veter. Tanks


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