Local dad turns dryer back on to avoid folding laundry

Local dad turns dryer back on to avoid folding laundry

Fredericton — The tedious task of folding laundry has frustrated everyone and anyone who has ever had to do it, but one Fredericton father has found an ingenious way to avoid the chore.

“All ya do is turn it back on,” Kevin Piercy whispered to our reporter, making sure his wife couldn’t hear him. “It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever invented — that or when I invented not rinsing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.”

The Manatee pressed Piercy, father of three, to divulge how he was struck with such a brilliant idea.

“The wife went out for something and she already had the laundry going,” he recalled, “and so here I am, trying to do some chores around the house so my wife will know what a great husband I am. I threw some dishes in the machine, picked up some toys around the house, turned the Roomba on and that’s when I heard the dryer stop — I knew if I didn’t do something with that laundry all of my hard work would go unnoticed.”

After he completed his five minutes of chores, he sat back down on the couch and proceeded to watch Pawn Stars until his wife returned.

“In she comes and comments on how nice the house looks, and that’s when I pounced on the opportunity. I told her that I wanted to fold the laundry but it was still damp and so I turned the dryer back on — even I was stunned with how smart I was being.”

Piercy has since gone on to pull that same move upwards of fifty times by his estimation, and claims that he and his wife have even gone as far as purchasing a new dryer since the old one didn’t seem to be drying the clothes effectively.

“Same problem with this one,” declared Elaine Piercy, wife of Kevin. “I never really seem to have a problem with it myself, but every single time Kev does the laundry — which is quite often because he’s so wonderful — it has to go an extra cycle to completely dry.”

Piercy is considering writing a book or starting a blog to share his wisdom with others who might be struggling with having to actually do things that their wives ask.

“I just think the key to a successful, long marriage is to keep your wife happy,” he expressed. “And the key to keeping your wife happy, I think, is lying to her about stuff so she doesn’t get mad or disappointed. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have go put my bedding in the laundry so I don’t have to make the bed.”

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