Man decries monthly ‘power-shaming’ letters from NB Power

Man decries monthly ‘power-shaming’ letters from NB Power

Riverview — A local man is all charged up about new monthly letters from NB Power regarding his electricity consumption. He says that he has become a lightning rod for criticism due to rabid environmentalism gone amok, and he is pushing back against what he calls the “liberal nanny state.”

Johnny Foudre, a 46-year-old Riverview investment broker, says that he pays his power bill in full on time every month and that is where his relationship with NB Power should begin and end. “Whatever happened to they make the electricity and I buy it?” asked Foudre. “What I do with it is my own business, and the ‘Crown’ needs to back off. I don’t need a letter from them each month implying that my consumption is irresponsible compared to my neighbours.'”

Earlier this year, NB Power introduced its new “Home Energy Report,” which shows how much energy the customer consumed in the last billing period. The report compares their usage to that of their 100 closest neighbours with similar homes and also shows the customer’s usage compared to the most efficient 20 percent of their neighbours.

Riverview resident Johnny Foudre.

Riverview resident Johnny Foudre.

Foudre revealed that his consumption is estimated by NB Power to be 2,100 percent higher than his neighbours’. When asked why he believes his consumption is so much greater, Foudre was unapologetic. “Look, I pay for my power so I’ll do what I want with it.

“Who cares that I fill my pool from my hot water heater non-stop? Or, that I cook food with the oven door open so I can keep an eye on it? Or that I leave my four refrigerators’ doors open for easy access? That’s my business. Besides, I enjoy watching the oven and fridge fight for temperature supremacy. Also, I sleep in my tanning bed so I can keep that ‘just been down-south’ look.”

He continued, “NB Power’s energy-saving tips include washing clothes in cold water and drying them on the line. And, turning off lights during the day… what am I, Amish? So what if I leave my windows open year-around… ever hear of fresh air for frig’s sake? Those tips include unplugging everything, being cold in the winter and hot in the summer. No thanks, you bunch of pinkos!

“Who the hell are these so-called ‘efficient neighbours’?” asked Foudre. “Does it include those granola-eating weirdos on the corner? They have a frickin’ composting toilet and bicycle everywhere for god’s sake.

“And, they’re vegan, so… you know…” he said, making a circling motion with his index finger at the side of his head.

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