Many starting to suspect that groundhogs know jack squat about weather

Many starting to suspect that groundhogs know jack squat about weather

Shubenacadie — As Maritimers grit their collective teeth and squint into the driving sleet of the third major snow event in a week, many are beginning to suspect that groundhogs can’t forecast the location of their hindquarters with both paws.

On Feb. 2, local groundhog celebrity Shubenacadie Sam purportedly released his annual springtime forecast. To the relief of many, the Nova Scotia marmot forecasted an early spring for Atlantic Canada. This forecast was later confirmed by Ontario’s most famous rodent, Wiarton Willie.

“I was so happy when I heard Sam’s forecast!” exclaimed Stewiacke resident Prince Temps. “You know Canadians — at the first inkling of spring, everyone gets into the spirit. I dug out my shorts, uncovered the barbecue and started to fill up the pool. I’m on a well you know, so it takes a while. But it always makes me smile, knowing that warmer temperatures are just around the corner!”

Now, only days later, Atlantic Canada is suffering through its third major snow event in a week, with severe winter conditions depositing over one metre of snow since last Friday in some regions. With meteorologists predicting that this snow will stick around until April at the earliest, many Sam-fans are wondering what happened to the early spring.

“I will say this about Sam’s forecast,” said the disheartened Nova Scotian. “Even though I’m beginning to suspect that groundhogs are completely oblivious to weather patterns, these snowstorms do make me feel I’m stuck in that movie Groundhog Day!”

He laughed uproariously for a second, then grew very quiet and sighed audibly as he looked out the window and observed how much shovelling he had to do.

  1. Let poor Phil sleep in on February 2 Nd !!!! He’s a rodent. He has no idea about weather !! Either way. We still have 6 weeks of winter left. Even then. There have been some hellacious. Snowstorm in the spring !!!!!!!!!


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