Many unvaccinated still think they are not being assholes

Many unvaccinated still think they are not being assholes

Fredericton — As New Brunswickers grapple with the fourth wave of COVID-19, the cries of injustice from the willfully unvaccinated are growing louder.

Evidence shared last week by Public Health shows that the more virulent Delta variant is being spread throughout the province mostly by the about 80,000 citizens who have not had any vaccination shots at all.

While they place increasing strain on the health care resources and Public Health’s testing capacity, many of the unvaccinated still believe that they are somehow being victimized.

“We aren’t the problem here! It’s the tyrannical government!” says anti-vaxxer Darrin Epandage. “They keep trying to stop us from…um, getting sick and spreading it and filling up the hospitals… But, they have no right! Except, that they are the government…whose number one job is arguably to keep people safe.

“Hmm…just wait a sec, I’ll remember why I don’t like this one goddamn bit!”

Vaccinated great-grandmother Edith Verritay is understandably “miffed” with the unvaccinated, but she says she doesn’t want to paint everyone with the same brush. “They aren’t monsters! I’m sure there are many very nice, caring people out there who aren’t vaccinated right now. They’re not all irredeemable assholes — of course not!

“But, if they can be vaccinated and they are choosing not to be at this point, then I think they are being humongous assholes about this one thing in particular. And it’s stressing everyone the fuck out.”

Her message to the unvaccinated is a simple plea to think of the greater good. “If you want to end these so-called ‘tyrannical’ rules, get your fucking shot so it stops getting people sick and quit being gigantic babies about it!

“Bless their hearts.”

  1. If you think an entire group of people are universally assholes, you might be the asshole instead.

  2. Why can you not make something that is humouress but can be shared. I would be ashamed to send this to a friend with that “bad word”even though it personifies those who are striving to make every senior prepare for their death by staying home


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