Maritime couple to wed in unemployment office where they had first date

Maritime couple to wed in unemployment office where they had first date

Yarmouth — Next week a Yarmouth, N.S. couple will say their “I do’s” where they first said their “no-no-no-yes-no’s” back in 2014.

“We met when we were in line to apply for E.I., we had our first date when we got called in to prove we were looking for work — and the rest, as they say, is history!” explained Trixie MacDonald, 34, who’s set to marry her sweetheart Dwayne Lorraine, 44, at the Yarmouth Service Canada next Thursday.

The couple is planning their honeymoon at the NSLC where they purchased their first bottle of Boone’s together. Trixie likes Watermelon Boone’s and Dwayne prefers Wild Cherry, but they’re not letting these differences come between them.

“Hell, we can mix ’em together and make Wild Watermelon!” Trixie exclaimed, taking a drag from her cigarette and wheezing with laughter.

Dwayne said he knew Trixie was the one when he noticed she had several Duck Dynasty-themed tattoos: his favourite show.

“She may be about to become my third wife, but she’s got first-rate tastes in TV, I’ll tell ya that much,” he said with a wink.

As far as a wedding party, the couple has carefully chosen who will stand up with them: the best man will be Dwayne’s parole officer — someone he refers to as “the most important person in his life.” The maid of honour will be Trixie’s nail technician and her bridesmaids will be her sisters-in-law from her fourth marriage.

“They were always my favourite in-laws,” explained Trixie. “I wouldn’t feel right leaving them out of my fifth wedding. It’s going to be the best day of all our lives!”

The staff at Service Canada said that, while they’ve never hosted a wedding, they’re excited at the prospect.

“Think of the fees we can charge! There will be so many forms to fill out!” gushed Tara Jennings, employment insurance officer. “Plus, the word ‘service’ is right in our name — why not add wedding services to our list of offerings?”

We asked the couple what their reception will look like.

“Oh, nothin’ too fancy, food wise,” said Trixie. “No cake — we’ll probably just pick up one of those 200-packs of Timbits…the birthday cake kind.” As for beverages? “Boone’s for the wine-drinkers, Camo Alpine for the beer-drinkers, and Moose Light for the non-drinkers,” confirmed the bride-to-be.

The couple is registered at the local Circle K and at The Vapour Trail vape shop.

“We want a bunch of different flavours of vape juice — goes without saying — and of course 649 tickets and break-opens,” said Dwayne. “Once we win the lotto we can buy everything else we’ll need for our life together.”

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