Miramichi Legion branch becomes drag bar to stay viable

Miramichi Legion branch becomes drag bar to stay viable

Miramichi — Dwindling numbers and diminished interest has prompted Branch 10 of the Royal Canadian Legion to become “Tuck 10,” a bar targeted toward both veterans and drag queens.

“If you ask me, this has been a long time coming,” said longtime member Grant Wilkie while stepping into a pair of red six-inch stilettos. “Dressing up like a pretend woman isn’t much of a stretch after dressing up like a pretend soldier for 30 years.”

In addition to the name change, Tuck 10 will also host several new Legion activities, such as Beauty Accessory Bingo, Sex in the City Trivial Pursuit, and regular Kikis.

Concerts are expected to be much more frequent as well, as the Legion has booked a great deal of new talent, including former Defense chief Rick Hillier, who does an incredible Dolly Parton.

The official position of the Legion is that the bar will continue to provide the same services to our veterans, only now those services are expected to be “exceedingly fabulous.”

“We’re not looking to change any of the things that make the Legion great,” said branch president Peter Murray. “But ‘God Save the Queen’ sounds killer over a bitchin’ 808, so sometimes you just have to go with it. You know?”

The Manatee asked Murray if this decision would create controversy within the Legion, considering its somewhat spotty history with the gay community.

“Being into drag doesn’t make you gay,” he said, feigning his best Zsa Zsa Gabour. “Don’t be ignorant, dah-ling.”

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