Moncton teen suspended for dressing too well

Moncton — Clean shirt, new shoes, and Harrison Trimble High School senior Eric LeBlanc doesn’t know where he’s going to, today.

Wearing a stylish business suit, LeBlanc, a 6-foot-tall 17-year-old, was suspended for 3 days on Tuesday for violation of Harrison Trimble’s appropriate school dress policy.

“Eric has been given a fair reprimand for his flagrant disregard of school policy,” said school principal John Flanagan.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 2.21.32 PMWhen asked what school policy LeBlanc violated, Flanagan quoted, “‘…dressing with the intent to draw excessive and flattering attention to oneself from fellow students and staff.'”

LeBlanc said he was aware of a school dress policy, but did not think the policy’s aim was to eliminate an air of style and professionalism in the local public school system. “Am I aware of how distractingly good-looking I am in a business suit?” said LeBlanc. “Not really. I had no idea. I mean, my mom always tells me I’m handsome, but she’s, like, my mom.”

In an email to Flanagan, LeBlanc wrote: “I’m just being myself. If the school is concerned that a girl will get distracted by my crisp, respectful appearance, then perhaps they need to be sent home instead — to take a cold shower. I’m not responsible for every girl’s raging hormones.”

When reached for comment, Louise, LeBlanc’s mother, said, “Schools are the social and professional environment in an adolescent’s life. Dressing sharply prepares them for life in and outside secondary school. This style enables Eric to communicate with confidence, and to move more comfortably throughout his social sphere.

“That said, even if he is doing it to make a statement, he should be permitted to make that choice,” she added. “It’s just a suit, for crying out loud.”