Moose inside provincial legislative building

Fredericton — MLAs and legislative staff were on the lookout for a moose this morning, following reports that the estimated 450lb animal was roaming about the New Brunswick Legislative Building. Sources say the moose somehow made it past security and must have slipped through a back entrance left only momentarily unattended. Throughout the day the moose was said to have been spotted at various locations around the building, however his whereabouts are currently unknown.

People in the capital building were first alerted to the presence of the moose when Finance and Transportation Minister Roger Melanson noticed his lunch had disappeared from his desk and saw large hoof-prints indented on his office rug. “During Question Period I brought up the issue of not leaving the back door open for this exact reason,” he said. “Apparently no one was listening.”

mooseSeveral MLAs and their staffers were seen quietly searching from room to room with blankets and dog leashes hoping to catch the moose and gently escort him outside. “I’ve had my eye on him a couple times now,” whispered MLA Lisa Harris, as the faint sound of clattering hooves could be heard echoing throughout the corridors, “but he just keeps scurrying away.” Adding, “I think he might have gotten up in the attic — I’m going to have a look.”

During Question Period the presence of the moose appeared to have been a cause for distraction. Several MLAs were seen looking around the room and peering under their seats seemingly in an effort to spot the animal. The Speaker of the House had to remind MLAs on several occasions to pay attention to the day’s proceedings, telling them they would have “plenty of time to look for the moose once Question Period’s over.”

“The elusive little rascal is definitely causing quite the stir,” said Premier Brian Gallant. “But he’s got to be around here somewhere. We’ll get ’em,” he said. “He’s not the first moose we’ve had in this building.”

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