More meetings to solve current health-care crisis

More meetings to solve current health-care crisis

New Brunswick — The premiers of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Ontario met this weekend about the current health care crisis in their provinces, and the primary outcome they agreed upon was that they had a great meeting.

“The discussion was really great,” said Ontario Premier Doug Ford, adding that the snacks were pretty good too.

“We agreed that meetings like this are essential to solving crises,” said New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs, as they scheduled several more meetings.

“We figure if we meet enough times and talk about the crisis enough, someone else will solve the problem and we can take credit for it,” added Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston. “Plus we get to eat amazing lobster rolls when we hold the meetings in the Atlantic provinces.”

“For the next meeting, I’ll bring the fries,” chimed in PEI Premier Dennis King.

When asked about what concrete steps they would take to solve the health care crisis, Premier Doug Ford responded, salivating, “Yeah, we’re scheduling a meeting about that.”

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