NB mom loves all her kids equally, especially the youngest one

NB mom loves all her kids equally, especially the youngest one

Fredericton — With Mother’s Day come and gone, many New Brunswick mothers are left gloating about all the great things their children did for them to celebrate. But one Fredericton mom wanted to make sure to let everyone know that she loves all of her children equally — especially her youngest, who recently gave her her first coveted grandchild.

“All of my kids are a true blessing,” gushed Henrietta Belfast from the city’s north side. “But I am so especially blessed equally by my youngest daughter Laura who had a baby a few months ago. She wasn’t able to get me anything more Mother’s Day, but having that precious little baby around is the only gift I’ll ever need — along with my other kids, of course.”

Belfast took to Facebook Monday morning with a post, shown below, that subtly celebrates how equally great all of her children are — especially her youngest daughter.

“Wow, what a wonderful Mother’s Day I had. I was spoiled by my 4 amazing kids. Thanks so much Fiona, Bradley, Marcus and a special shout-out to my equally amazing daughter Laura who recently just became a mother herself. Fiona had beautiful orchids sent to my work on Friday morning along with a card and a gift certificate to Jungle Jim’s. Bradley spent the entire day getting my garden ready for me, cooked a delicious dinner and gave me a lovely new necklace. Marcus booked me an appointment to get my nails and hair done and made the sweetest homemade card for me that shared pictures of the whole family from when he was born until now. I was spoiled an equal amount by my equally amazing and special daughter Laura!!!!!! She was busy being super-mom herself so didn’t make it over but did send a Snapchat of her little bundle of joy! I am so blessed to have her as my daughter because she’s just amazing in every way and gave me the greatest gift of all by making me a grandmother. She’s so smart and beautiful and loving and caring and funny and sweet and charming and brilliant and I just love her so much! My other kids are equally all of those things too, but especially Laura. Thank you Laura and other kids!!!!!!!”

The Manatee spoke with Laura to ask her about the praising Facebook post.

“I was busy watching the baby watch television all day so I couldn’t get over to Mom’s,” she regretfully admitted. “But, I took the cutest snap of her and I together and sent it to Mom with the caption ‘We luv U’ and that put Mom over the moon.”

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