NB’er wins luxury fishing shack in Dept. of Natural Resources Home Lottery

NB’er wins luxury fishing shack in Dept. of Natural Resources Home Lottery

Rothesay — As New Brunswick Hospital Home Lottery fever reaches its peak in the province, awards from other government-run home lotteries are now also being awarded.

Today, retiree Hugo Cabane of Pokemouche, N.B. won the grand prize in the NB Department of Natural Resources Home Lottery.

Next week, he’ll receive a luxury fishing shack in Rothesay valued at over $154,000.

The so-called 10×22-foot “shack” has a full bathroom with Jacuzzi tub, solar-powered electrical, in-floor heating, a propane furnace and even a dishwasher! It also has a video wall with a 75″ 4K television and Dolby Atmos surround sound.

“This place is nicer than my house in Pokemouche!” said Cabane. “I don’t really fit in with all of those Irvings and Olands in Rothesay, but damn it I’m going to live on the ice all friggin’ winter! I’ve already bought brand-new Acadian flags for window curtains! Wait till they get a load of me!”

Other government entities also will be awarding their home lottery grand prizes next week. These luxury items include:

  • Your very own fracked shale gas well in Penobsquis in the NB Department of Energy Home Lottery.
  • A historic covered bridge in Ward’s Creek in the NB Department of Infrastructure and Transportation Home Lottery.
  • A spacious ShelterLogic 6x6x6 foot Shed-In-A-Box in the NB Premier’s Home Lottery. Bonus coal-fired generator included.
  • Your choice of one of the Hopewell Rocks flowerpots in the NB Tourism Home Lottery.
  • A home electrical retrofit powered by Joi Scientific technology in the NB Power Home Lottery (delivery date TBD).

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