Trudeau’s brownface offends dirty New Brunswickers, many others

Trudeau’s brownface offends dirty New Brunswickers, many others

New Brunswick — Outrage is pouring in from around the world after news broke that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was pictured in 2001 wearing a costume with his face coloured brown.

The picture was reported to have been taken at a school event that had an “Arabian Nights” theme, but many New Brunswickers are taking the photo personally, believing that Trudeau was actually poking fun at them and how dirty they are.

“If you ain’t got dirt on your face, you ain’t got none on your hands neither,” expressed Al Harris, who owns a dairy farm in Keswick. “I think this here picture is a clear indication that the prime minister thinks he’s better than us here in New Brunswick just because we know the meaning of hard work.”

Harris is one of many in the Picture Province who are calling for Trudeau’s resignation in light of the insensitive photo.

“It’s just rude that he thinks it’s okay to dress up like he’s from here,” agreed Faye Normand from Hartland. “He ain’t even doing it right anyway — no camo, no cigarette and no Alpine. I mean, the paint on the face is disrespectful enough but if you’re gonna commit to something, you better get the whole thing down pat.”

At a press conference Wednesday evening Trudeau admitted his actions were wrong, and asked for Canadians’ forgiveness.

“I am deeply saddened and wish I had known better. To all of those I’ve offended: I’m sorry. To those of colour, or to those who are against intolerance, or to those in New Brunswick: I’m deeply, deeply sorry.”

The Manatee spoke with Fredericton’s Liberal MP Matt DeCourcey, who defended the prime minister.

“People make mistakes, you know, and we should look at their body of work and judge them on their overall actions and not based on a few missteps from when they were younger. Unless they’re not Liberals.”

Our reporter was able to get a quick statement from Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, who surprisingly empathized with Trudeau and called on Canadians to heed the advice he gave earlier in the week when he said candidates should be forgiven as long as they apologize for what they’ve done or said. 

“That’s what I said and so I’m going to stand behind it,” Scheer went on. “I’m not going to say one thing and then act a completely different way. I’m a politician for goodness sakes — if we can’t be trusted, then who can be?”

  1. This is very tasteless and not funny what so ever. Extremely bad judgment on stepping into this senerio. This doesn’t shine a good light on your previous articles or New Brunswick or New Brunswickers!

    • and what this pm did is not funny, for gods sake he was a teacher when he did this.. is this okay to teach this kind of opinions on our friends and neighbors? I feel the manatee did not go far enough when you consider his other blunders like the natives with bad water and he said thanks for your donation as they were escorted out of the rally, and in india he dressed up in clothes and danced like a fool. on the pride parade in halifax he was on the street with trans gender people with his tongue hanging out. that is not what a professional person should be doing. Let alone a prime minister he seems to not have any respect for himself let alone canada. and at the G 7 meeting no one wanted to talk to him and there is video that other leaders turned away from him.. NOT FUNNY TRUDEAU !!.


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