Nice weather makes Fredericton woman realize new boyfriend really ugly

Nice weather makes Fredericton woman realize new boyfriend really ugly

Fredericton — For most in New Brunswick, the sunshine has been a sight for sore eyes. For at least one Fredericton woman, though, the sunshine has been a sight to cause sore eyes — and that sight is her boyfriend.

“It’s been cold and cloudy for months so this is the first time I’ve seen him in natural light,” she told our reporter. “And, it’s not a good look for him at all.”

The Manatee discovered that the couple has been together since early January and has spent most of their relationship in one another’s apartments watching Netflix, playing video games and waiting for the good weather to come along.

“Sure, we did a few things outside,” further explained Sarah Notinghill. “But it was cold out, so he was all covered up from head to toe. We made plans to meet at the green the other day and go for a walk and honestly, I didn’t even recognize him at first.”

The boyfriend, 24-year-old Trevor Donald, thought his girlfriend was playing a joke on him when she walked right past him at the park on Tuesday afternoon.

“We decided that we’d meet right behind the Roundhouse on the bench,” he recalled. “So, I got there first and was sitting there waiting and saw her coming toward me. I smiled at her and she gave me this really disgusted look and just walked on by.

“It wasn’t until I called her name that she finally turned around and acknowledged me. The rest of the day was really weird and she made some excuse to leave by telling me she had to go home quickly and wash her hair. Since then, she hasn’t been answering my texts or anything.”

“Mainly it was his ugly face,” answered Notinghill when asked what made her cringe upon seeing her boyfriend in daylight. “But, really the whole package was disappointing. He was wearing a short-sleeved T-shirt and shorts, so I could just see a lot of him and now I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to not see it, you know?”

We asked whether there’s any chance for reconciliation.

“I really liked him for a while, maybe even loved. But yeah, it’s over for sure. I think we’ve all heard stories of love at first sight or whatever — well this is the opposite.”

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