One year later: Justin Timberlake still can’t stop the feeling

One year later: Justin Timberlake still can’t stop the feeling

Big Sky, Montana — Today in an exclusive interview, Justin Timberlake opened up again about his struggles with his dark and brooding feelings. One year after first sharing his story publicly, Timberlake revealed that no matter where he goes or what he does, he still just can’t stop the feeling.

“I got this feeling inside my bones,” sobbed Timberlake unabashedly. “It’s like electric…wavey…and it’s always turned on. It’s all through my city…all through my home. There’s no escaping it when I’m in that zone.”

In May 2016, Timberlake first announced to the world that he had trouble stopping his feelings. “It’s like a really popular pop song that’s on the radio all of the time…every day, over and over again,” Timberlake explained.

“You change the radio station, but there it is. You watch TV, there it is. You go online, there it is. It’s like no matter what you do or where you go, you seem to hear the same damn tune in your head on repeat. And you’re like, ‘For the love of God make it stop!’ But you can’t stop…can’t stop the feeling.”

Twenty percent of Canadians will personally experience a mental illness in their lifetime. Approximately eight percent of adults will experience major depression. Almost one half of those who feel they have suffered from depression or anxiety do not see a doctor about this problem. However, there is hope — once depression is recognized, seeking help can make a difference for 80 percent of people affected.

“Eighty percent!” Timberlake concluded. “Just imagine, just imagine, just imagine.”

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