Potholes in Geary raceway giving NB drivers unfair 'home-field advantage'

Geary — Speedway 660 will not be resuming its regular season for another month still, but that won’t keep the eager drivers from practising. “I go out for a rip whenever I can,” said driver Marcus Xavier. “With spring now here it’s officially windows-down driving season, and I plan on taking full advantage of it, regardless of the road conditions.”

New Brunswick has become notorious for its countless potholes from the southern tip of the province all the way up to the North Shore.

raceway“Anyone who has any driving experience in New Brunswick is more talented than they probably give themselves credit for,” said Drivers Ed instructor Ed Drivers. “We face some horrid road conditions here year-round, whether it’s black ice and freezing rain in the winter, or the innumerable potholes we have to dodge when the roads are bare.”

Drivers told The Manatee that he was the instructor who had taught Marcus Xavier how to drive years ago. “He seemed to have a knack for avoiding potholes; I’m not surprised he’s finding success in Geary.”

Not everyone is as happy about Xavier’s pothole prowess as Ed Drivers, though. “It’s not fair!” Ontario driver Arthur McCauley told The Manatee. “There should be no home-field advantage for anyone in racing. This whole thing is just ridiculous! I’ve been driving my whole life, but ever since I came to New Brunswick I’ve had to completely change my racing style.”

Though not nearly as bad as parts of New Maryland or the Hanwell, the raceway has certainly seen better days. “That’s just the way she goes sometimes, boys,” said local race enthusiast Brad Crawford. “We all had to dodge a few potholes on the way here, so there’s no reason they can’t dodge a few out there on the track. I come here to drink beer and watch the race, not listen to the arguing, but if you need an honest opinion from me, well then I say leave the potholes if it’s helping the local boys win.”

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