Quispamsis uses anti-discrimination act to defend pro-white homophobes

Quispamsis uses anti-discrimination act to defend pro-white homophobes

Quispamsis — The mayor of Quispamsis took time off from keeping deer out of peoples’ gardens yesterday to justify hosting an anti-minority, pro-white and climate change denier group at the town’s facilities tonight.

However, ironically he is defending the far-right extremist group saying they are protected by the Human Rights Act — provincial legislation that protects New Brunswickers from discrimination on the basis of a race, religion, sexual orientation and national origin.

“Admittedly, I’m no lawyer,” said Quispamsis mayor Gary Clark. “But, I’m pretty sure the law intended to shield New Brunswickers from discrimination dictates that we have to rent conference rooms to groups that think that anti-discrimination laws are total bullshit. That is totally what the drafters had in mind when they were implementing this law.

“Or, at least I think so, I’m no expert with the legal mumbo-jumbo.”

The far-right political party known as the National Citizens Alliance advocates for drastic cuts to immigration, opposes hate speech laws and multiculturalism, and promotes Islamophobia. The party also believes climate change is a globalist conspiracy theory.

The group has also taken a firm stance on public washrooms being for the traditional biological sexes of male and female, as well as prohibiting any advocacy or promotion of LGBTQ rights. But, they claim to not be anti-LGBTQ.

“It’s like the first rule of Fight Club,” said NCA spokesperson Sheldon Connasse. “We aren’t anti-LGBTQ as long as we never have talk about it. Actually, as long as we never have to recognize it, think about it and we can pretend it doesn’t exist. Otherwise, we are totally fine with it. The same goes for any other minority and non-white guy stuff.”

Connasse is grateful for Mayor Clark’s insistence that his group is protected by the anti-discrimination provisions of the New Brunswick Human Rights Act. “The funny thing is we’d totally repeal huge parts of that act if we ever got into power!” he laughed.

  1. The “anti everybody but whitey” issues these people promote in public is just the tip of their iceberg. You can rest assured that there is a great deal more vitriolic rhetoric and hatred lurking just below the surface.


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