Report: a ton of those Asian lady beetles probably in your bedroom right now

Report: a ton of those Asian lady beetles probably in your bedroom right now

Atlantic Canada — Even if you’re having a decent day at work, you may want to put down the coffee, take a break from Facebook and dwell on the fact that, at this very moment, a ton of those little Asian lady beetle things are probably hanging out in your bedroom, according to a new report.

The report by UNB biologist Grant Cash said explained that the beetles, which are slightly larger and much stinkier than a typical ladybug, are returning in droves to Maritime homes along with the warm weather.

“My findings indicate that as you sit at work, away from your home, a butt-load of those disgusting things are likely clustering around your bedroom window, flitting around the ceiling, and working their way into the carpet,” said Cash. “Some of them are probably even on your pillow.

“And the worst part is, you won’t be able to check till you get home.”

The beetle, originally from Russia and Asia, made its way into this country during the last 15 years or so. While its favourite food is the soybean aphid, it’s not above biting human flesh — or rifling around in your underwear drawer.

“I was about to turn the lights off the other night, when I just had this niggling feeling that something was amiss,” confided Keswick mom Darla Scott. “I pulled back the curtains and there was a complete wall of them behind it. Couldn’t even see through the damned window. I screamed bloody murder and my husband had to suck them all up in the vacuum. But as soon as you kill one, 10 more come to its funeral!”

The gross creatures have even been known to find their way into unsuspecting cats’ or dogs’ mouths and latch onto their palates, creating misery for both animals and owners.

“Oh yeah, it’s all right here in black and white,” Cash said, flipping through his report. “They love anywhere warm and cavernous…or for that matter, anywhere bright and open. They’re just everywhere now.

“Think about it!”


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