Rising cost of fruits and vegetables to have no impact on New Brunswickers

Rising cost of fruits and vegetables to have no impact on New Brunswickers

Fredericton — A recent report by Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph has shown that Canadian families can expect to pay more for groceries in 2018 — about $350 more than in the previous year. The cost of fresh fruit and vegetables will especially spike, a fact that should not affect any New Brunswickers whatsoever.

The Manatee visited the Superstore on Fredericton’s south side to get the scoop.

“We don’t eat that shit at my house,” said father of four Keith Hamilton, referring to fruits and veggies. “In fact I avoid all the outside aisles of the supermarket where all that green leafy stuff is. It’s like I always tell my kids, ‘If it’s in a box or a can, it’s OK, man.'”

Harry Lester, who was out shopping for his family, said if anything, he thinks his grocery bill will go down in the new year.

“I mostly eat KD and hotdogs, and they’re practically giving that kinda thing away these days,” he said, tossing several packs of Kraft Dinner into his cart. “Six boxes for two bucks! If the price goes up I can always get the no-name version. It’s not ideal but it’s probably healthier…the powdered cheese isn’t that neon orange colour so I think that probably means it’s organic.”

Most shoppers couldn’t even identify the various vegetables displayed in the store.

“What the heck is that thing?!” demanded mother of two Debbie Goodine, pointing to a beet. “Why is it purple? Did they dye it with Kool-Aid or something like that?

“And what about that?!” she asked, gesturing toward a pile of artichokes. “That’s asparagus, right? I seen that on a menu one time and I was like, ‘Let’s get outta this place and go to Pizza Twice.'”

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