Robert Plant cancels Fredericton show for being ‘too hyped up’

Robert Plant cancels Fredericton show for being ‘too hyped up’

Fredericton — Former Led Zeppelin frontman and rock legend Robert Plant has recently cancelled his Fredericton tour date for September.  According to festival organizers, Plant felt that too many tickets had been sold for the event and this took away from the original intent of a small, intimate show.

A statement from International Talent Booking, the company responsible for managing Plant’s tour, said that the singer was not looking forward to having to play for a large group of people. A spokesperson for the company said that “from what we’ve heard it seems like everyone and their dog has a ticket to the show, and that’s just not what we signed on for. It’s way too hyped up.”

On April 17 the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival originally announced that Plant would play the festival along with his band the Sensational Spaceshifters. Passes and tickets went on sale in the weeks following.

“I just can’t believe it,” said Dave Langlois, a local concert-goer. “This was going to be huge! Every one of my friends was planning to go to the show and I know a lot of people that are going to be disappointed.”

There is no word yet from festival organizers as to what act will be filling in the Friday night slot.

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