Saint John High School to screen pornos all next week to prove ‘impartiality’

Saint John High School to screen pornos all next week to prove ‘impartiality’

Saint John — Despite significant backlash, it has been determined that the controversial anti-abortion film Unplanned will, in fact, be screening tonight at Saint John High School as expected.

According to superintendent Nancy Renrick, the decision to host the event — organized by pro-life group New Brunswick Right to Life — was hotly debated at the offices of Anglophone South School District.

“I mean we had to ask ourselves some really serious questions,” she said. “Like, are we really ready to have this kind of screening? Are we capable of handling everything that comes along with it?

“It was a difficult decision, but ultimately, we decided to carry the event through to term.”

The district has defended its decision to allow the screening by stating that they rent the facilities to the community without “partiality to lawful ideology or beliefs.”

Since positioning itself as the most permissive venue in the province, seedy distributors from across the country have flocked to the school to book their own films throughout the final days of the summer, quickly filling the slate with a wide variety of smut, filth and obscene pornography.

Consequently, some of the films currently scheduled to screen at the school next week are C** In My B***** C****, F*** M*****ate Buddies, C** S*****bers Part II, as well as the Oscar-Nominated Dck Rmmer S**t III.

As fair as this all seems, wouldn’t these screenings bring some additional concerns? Like, for instance, increased cleaning costs?

“Actually, no,” said Renrick, explaining that their standing agreement with Right To Life would make such post-film scrubbing an “undesirable political issue” with the group.

“So, I suppose our auditorium will just be getting a new batch of kids 14 years ahead of schedule.” 

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