Saint John man pretty sure new city plan won’t work

Saint John man pretty sure new city plan won’t work

Saint John — Despite the fact that he just heard about it, and even then only heard the proposed project title, Ron Ferguson is pretty sure a new proposal from Saint John Common Council will not be successful.

“It’s the same story every time,” said the 47-year-old call centre employee. “It’s a waste of my money and everyone’s time.”

Public cynicism appears to be growing around the project, even though it was only just announced and little concrete information is available. The city plans to hold an information session next Friday to reveal more about the concept, but it does not seem like Ferguson plans to attend.

“What’s the point?” Ferguson lamented while sitting in one of the city’s public parks waiting to take public transportation. “I already know everything I need to know about this project, which is that it’s a government thing and it probably sucks.”

Remarkably, city council seems to agree with Ferguson, as public participation in civic life continues to plummet. One councillor who spoke to us on condition of anonymity and made us promise we’d use “one of those voice-altering things that make you sound like Darth Vader” even though we assured them this was a print piece, said they don’t even believe in what they’re doing anymore.

“Voter turnout last election was what, 30 percent?” they said, while wearing a ski mask despite our assurances we would not reveal their identiy. “How can I even claim to represent the people of this city when 70 percent of them didn’t vote? It’s a huge blow to my self-esteem.”

Approval of the project, which this reporter couldn’t be bothered to learn more about either, hinges on a council vote followed by a plebiscite. In a final attempt to restore some sense of faith in civic duty, The Manatee asked Ferguson if he planned to vote.

“Why would I vote in that?” he told us angrily, while furiously trying to register his ballot for cutest celebrity pet on a Buzzfeed poll. “My voice just isn’t being heard in things that matter.”

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