Saint John pallbearers lead funeral procession on ice skates

Saint John pallbearers lead funeral procession on ice skates

Saint John — Flash freezing following a recent rainfall has led to city streets being coated with ice so thick that residents have actually been able to ice skate on the roads.

This, naturally, has led to a number of viral videos featuring Saint Johners gliding down steep hills or skating through the Tim Hortons drive-thru.

Topping all of these, however, was the funeral procession for the late Robert Bryant, 78, in which all four pallbearers carried the coffin while wearing ice skates.

“It was really a lot of fun to watch,” said Bryant’s widow, Claudia. “It brought a bit of levity into what would otherwise have been a very sad day.”

For the most part, the procession went smoothly, with the bearers slipping just two times, and dropping the casket only once.

“We dinged it up a bit,” admitted pallbearer Joey Godard. “With the exception of a few scratches, though, it’s fine.”

This is not the first time that Snufdit Funeral Home has gotten creative with their procession.

“We like to think our programs put the ‘FUN’ in funeral, you know?” said funeral director Andrew Snufdit, whose past innovations include “Eulogy Charades” and the “Jack-in-the-Coffin.”

“A full list of our amusing burial options can be found on our website, which, incidentally, puts the ‘URL’ in ‘funeral’ too, more or less completing the word,” he added, incorrectly.

For the family, they feel that this truly was the best way to honour the deceased’s memory.

“We’re really hoping Dad’s funeral goes viral,” said Bryant’s daughter, Lillian, choking up. “That’s what he would have wanted.”

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