The Manatee’s 50 best search terms of 2015

The Manatee’s 50 best search terms of 2015

New Brunswick — According to the Government of New Brunswick, 1 in every 5 New Brunswickers has a reading level below the average adult literacy score in Canada. Therefore, it is no surprise to The Manatee that the following search terms led readers to our website. Here are, in our opinion, the 50 best unedited search terms of 2015 that landed readers on


  1. how to clad wen going for a night club
  2. nudists
  3. the manatee newspaper irvings little bitch
  4. sexy2015
  5. walmart toboggans
  6. who is brian gallant the premier of n.b. girlfriend
  7. saint john nb drug dealer
  8. does bathurst have a strip club
  9. how to make pancake crystal meth
  10. ?????? ?????
  11. englishboobs
  12. nurses in tight uniforms
  13. world big ass
  14. billion pussies
  15. new brunswick threat level
  16. manatee solution
  17. drivers around fredericton bad ones
  18. comet to hit new brunswick
  19. sexy premier brian gallant of canada 2015
  20. woman from moncton superstore ruins lives
  21. can you leave new brunswick more than 7 months in 2015-16
  22. hairy man changing
  23. i cant hendle more related status
  24. how many hours do i need for ei living in minto nb canada
  25. gigantic mom
  26. did brian gallant resign
  27. stupid miramichi people
  28. what is a lock-in in contract talks
  29. last donair die in new brunswick
  30. extreme scenic monotonia
  31. pissing
  32. is beard attractive for womens
  33. miramichi gossip
  34. human pipeline
  35. why does a big airplane always fly around miramichi
  36. larry,s gutch camp, nb
  37. reopen northstar fredericton
  38. where to smoke before 8pm in public?
  39. fredericton whores
  40. manatee night lights
  41. is newbrunkswick the first to do drug test for ei
  42. new ei pis test nb
  43. satire about manatess
  44. witch doctor new brinswick
  45. public park drinking for kids, nb
  46. game of throne filming in new brunswick
  47. the walking dead to be shot in moncton
  48. tim hirtin toll nb
  49. stu is miramichi canalation
  50. nb halloween trick or threat by laws


Bonus: All of the different spellings of The Manatee:

the mantee

the manitee

the matatee


the manate

the manity


the maanatee

manetie nb

the manittee

the mntee

the manateer


The Manatee


  1. My favourite: “hairy man changing”, hands down.


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