Transportation Minister Bill Fraser moves for fear current office haunted

Transportation Minister Bill Fraser moves for fear current office haunted

Fredericton — Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Bill Fraser has been forced to relocate his office as he believes his current one to be haunted.

Fraser says the problems began soon after an interview about road conditions with CBC’s Information Morning last week.

Fraser said he was speaking with the host about alternatives to road salt, and the topic of using beet juice came up. “Everything was going fine. But the third time I said beet juice, weird things started happening in my office. This calypso music started playing, and I couldn’t help but get up and dance.

“Then I saw this strange little man in a white-and-black striped suit,” he continued. “At first I thought it was Blaine Higgs, because as we all know, skulking around and possessing people is the exact kind of thing he likes to do. Just imagine what he’ll do to New Brunswickers if he becomes premier!

“Anyway, when the sand worms started eating my EAs, enough was enough.”

Host Terry Sequin said he has not experienced any issues himself, but noticed strange sounds near the end of his interview with Fraser.

“Now that I think about it, with his Miramichi accent, it did kind of sound like Fraser was saying ‘beetlejuice,’” Seguin recalled. “Sure, I said ‘beet juice’ repeatedly, but I take great pride in my ability to enunciate each word. Trust me, if I was meaning to say ‘beetle juice,’ it would clearly be heard as ‘beetle juice.’”

At that point, connection was lost and attempts to contact Sequin for further comment were unsuccessful.

Fraser says there is no timeline for his return to his office, as they are waiting for the Legislature’s copy of the Handbook for Recently Deceased to be translated into French.

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