Musquash man just happy to hear hometown in the news

Musquash man just happy to hear hometown in the news

Musquash — Despite the inconvenience many people experienced in having to be evacuated from their homes in Musquash, N.B., this past weekend, local man Colin Hodd, 28, was just happy to hear his hometown mentioned in the news, as updates from the area have been rare since Hodd moved to Dartmouth.

“Honestly, living away from home, it’s just nice to hear other people say the word Musquash, or Musqueesh as Global TV somehow did,” Hodd said in a live interview. “A lot of people reached out to ask if my family was OK and it was really, despite the flooding, a great moment of connection with people.”

The 100 residents affected were all from the Thompson subdivision, which was a great relief to Hodd, as his parents don’t live in that specific area. Everyone evacuated has returned to their homes but he was much more interested in the opportunity he was given to discuss the geography of Musquash in detail with other people.

“It was great. I spent about 20 minutes careening wildly around on Google Maps while I tried to show my girlfriend where my parents lived relative to the subdivision,” Hodd said, still thinking about it days later. “I mean, sure, I thought a little about the people being asked to leave their homes, and their concern for their worldly possessions, but mostly it was good to feel important when people asked me about Musquash.”

At press time Hodd was still eagerly explaining to anyone who would listen that the Parish of Musquash is not actually a town, but a local service district and boring them to death with inane details of local interest.


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