Trudeau adds New Brunswick dog to cabinet

Trudeau adds New Brunswick dog to cabinet

Ottawa — Days of dogged speculation has finally ended with the Trudeau government’s announcement of a new 30-person cabinet. And, New Brunswick has earned an enviable third spot in the PM’s inner circle.

However, the novice unelected New Brunswicker in cabinet has tongues wagging across the country.

Today, Trudeau lifted his leg on parliamentary conventions and named Canada’s first Minister of Canine Affairs. The furry face in the fray is well-known in New Brunswick political packs. The canine in question is none other than black Labrador Blaze — fur-baby of N.B. Premier Brian Gallant.

“Canadians love their dogs, and they are as important to many people as their own children,” said Trudeau. “We thought it was time for them to have a seat at the table.

“Blaze Gallant will have a vital role for the country in deciding… you know, dog stuff I guess. We’ll give more details when we figure it out.”

Gallant was a good boy this morning and gave a paw to the Governor General at Rideau Hall to make it official.

When asked for comment on becoming the first dog to join cabinet, Minister Gallant sniffed the reporter’s groin briefly before resuming his search for dropped hors d’oeuvres.

Trudeau dismissed charges of election pandering and said there’s a clear reason for adding the illustrious lab to the team.

“Because it’s 2018,” he said. “And by that I mean that global politics is a little nuts right now.

“We have to ‘show our crazy’ a bit to keep our adversaries on their toes. We think this is the right choice for this moment.”

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