Woman to petition Facebook to reset her Marketplace reviews

Woman to petition Facebook to reset her Marketplace reviews

Fredericton — A Fredericton woman is outraged at a not-so-recent addition to Facebook Marketplace that allows users to rate the experience with the seller or buyer.

Sandra Ferguson, known as “Sandy Bo Bandy” on Facebook, is furious that users are able to see how she has treated previous people she has dealt with while buying and selling.

“It’s a straight-up invasion of my 9th amendment rights! Pretty much the definition of invasion of privacy,” Ferguson claimed as she spoke at a public forum that only she, her husband and The Manatee attended.

Her Facebook Marketplace rating is now the worst in the world, recently falling below a user who has been deceased since 2007 but is surprisingly active as a seller.

“I’ve been banned from selling on Kijiji, and now no one will buy or sell from me on Facebook because of this lawless system on the Marketplace…how will we buy smokes this week?”

Through an intense investigation that involved browsing one of Ferguson’s more recent Marketplace ads selling used cloth diapers, The Manatee was able to get a glimpse at what exactly she was complaining about.

“I went to buy some used clothing and when I got there she tried to get me to drive her to the laundromat…and pay for it,” said one review.

Another review said Ferguson operates the same way when it comes to buying from others. The reviewer was trying to sell a bike and received many messages from Ferguson.

“I gave her the benefit of the doubt and marked her responsive, because she messaged me day and night asking if I would ‘front’ the bike to her and she would get me back,” said another.

The Manatee reached out to a Facebook spokesperson about their Marketplace feature, and whether there are any plans to improve it and ensure proper sales. Facebook only responded with a “Is that feature even still available?” and a “LOL”.

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