Canada to have federal elections ‘every 90 days,’ say Liberals

Canada to have federal elections ‘every 90 days,’ say Liberals

Ottawa — It’s time to go to the polls… again…on Monday, September 20. The so-called “snap” election was the worst kept secret in Canada, where many of the candidates already have been campaigning quietly for the past several months.

That said, the current election call is happening less than two years from the last federal vote — 666 days ago on October 21, 2019. Some critics see the 2021 election as premature since the Elections Act set fixed election dates every four years, and the constitution actually allows for governments to be in place for up to five years.

Well, if you like voting, get ready to love Justin Trudeau. As his first pledge of the campaign, today the Liberal leader promised that Canadians will now have federal elections “every 90 days or so.”

“Democracy is so great, isn’t it?” Trudeau asked. “We believe that even two years is way too long between votes. We want to provide Canadians a 90-day warranty on every vote — just like a used car!

“That way, we can stop worrying so much about what the polls say day to day and go right to the ultimate poll — the ballot box!”

When asked about the extra expense of such frequent elections, Trudeau was unfazed. “Well, something costing too much has never stopped us before. But that said, we can just leave the election signs up permanently now, it’ll be fine.

“Heck, we might even let the Greens and NDP have a turn. Seriously, how bad could they screw things up in 90 days?” he winked, laughing.

“You’ve heard of 90 Day Fiancé? Get ready for the 90 Day Government! Voting rocks!” Trudeau concluded.


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