Forecast calling for 60 cm of snow and 6 million comments about it

Forecast calling for 60 cm of snow and 6 million comments about it

New Brunswick — Gas up your snowblower, stock up on food supplies and get ready to be buried with another huge snowstorm. Weather forecasters are predicting upwards of 60 centimetres of snow in some regions which will be accompanied by rain, freezing rain and a record-breaking number of comments about the weather.

“We expect the majority of comments to be in the form of Facebook posts,” threatened Environment Canada meteorologist Becky Gushue. “Mainly because people who use Facebook are generally older, more boring and have nothing more interesting to talk about.”

Gushue told The Manatee that she expects every form of social media to be “flooded” with comments about how much snow there is, or possibly about how dumb meteorologists are if the forecasts aren’t completely accurate.

“People all over the province will be using their Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and you name it to talk about all different weather-related topics. Jokes about storm chips and beer will be especially popular today, along with complaints about things being cancelled, about how teachers should have to work like the rest of us and how the government should be cancelling schools tomorrow to protect our children.

“They’ll go on about how the plow didn’t come by until after shovelling and people will be guilty of sharing stupid memes, fake news and satire stories about the weather today, too — it’s going to be very annoying.”

Our reporter probed the weather expert on whether records might be set with snowfall amounts in New Brunswick.

“It’s a big possibility,” she continued. “If not for snowfall amounts, definitely for weather complaints. I should add too, that it won’t just be on social media either. Everyone should be expecting a phone call from their mothers today, too. Moms love talking about this shit.”

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