Fredericton council votes to spend street repair funds on strippers

Fredericton — Fredericton City Council has voted unanimously to spend $150,000 originally slated for street repair on the purchase of a strip club.

As of press time, the capital city council is the new owner of the iRock All Women Revue on King Street, the last and only spot in the city where exotic dancing is permitted since the North Star Sports Bar Pub closed in 2011.

strippers“Council feels it’s critical to the local economy to have a place that attracts people interested in exotic-dancing entertainment,” city spokesperson Ann Morehouse stated at an early morning press conference.

“This purchase will improve the long-term quality of life in the downtown area and maximize tourism in the city,” confirmed Mayor Brad Woodside. “When well-known political and business figures visit Fredericton, they will have a new place to relax, conduct business meetings, and even entertain clients.”

Some citizens are not happy, however. “The bridges are falling apart and the streets are a minefield,” fumed southside resident Frank Hudson. “They need to paint the sidewalks, not buy a goddamned titty bar where MLAs and the Irvings can have martini lunches!”

Judith Barnes, president of the Pentecostal Women’s Auxiliary, echoed Hudson’s concerns. “Strip clubs attract unsavoury characters and incite dirty, sinful, sexual feelings. Council should be protecting marriages against unholy temptations, not using our hard-earned money to fund them!”

Mayor Woodside disagreed. “It’s not the City of Fredericton’s place to spend taxpayers’ money on legislating morality,” he said. “That would be heavy-handed and just plain wrong.”

  1. I completely disagree with this. The city’s roads are very dangerous, some can really get hurt or die. Yet they’re more concerned on getting a hard on. That’s not right. As well will also provoke men to go and could lead to divorces.

  2. funny that this isn’t true at all… the leased it so that it couldn’t turn in to a strip club … get your facts straight…. I’m not saying i agree with what they have done but this article is not correct …

    • You do realize this is the Manatee … It’s satire pure and simple. It isn’t a serious article or at least it is so off the wall as to make its point via sarcasm. The complaint is actually that the city council spent $150,000 of tax payer dollars to buy this club so it would NOT open a strip club instead of allocating the money to say something like street repairs.

      I am not a fan of city council spending our tax dollars enforcing there moral code without a public vote. I don’t care about the club either way, just the heavy handed spending of our money.

  3. Our roads need to be fixed! I’m shocked the strategy behind investing this surplus in preventing the potential of a strip-club. Should we be blocking any employment in New Brunswick?


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