Fredericton father selflessly brings child to work, sparks praise from community

Fredericton — Local man Steve DeVine, 38, is being lauded across the Internet today for a shining act of fatherhood that took place over the weekend. When he and his wife April were unable to find a babysitter Saturday evening, Steve bit the bullet and took their 3-year-old son Herman to the night shift at Picaroons’ brewery on the city’s north side.

“It’s not every day you see a dad just step up to the plate like this,” said a commenter on the CBC story that broke early this morning. “Most dads would just leave the kid home with his wife or drop him off at their parents’ place, or something.”

Picaroons3A few unreasonable and jealous critics have said what Steve did was irresponsible — even unsafe; a handful have said that had the boy’s mother done the same, she’d have received backlash rather than praise. “Aren’t breweries dangerous?! The kid could have slipped on some spilled beer or stepped on a broken bottle — wtf was this guy thinking??” wrote an irate Paul Rutker, a man who is clearly just envious of Steve’s newfound popularity on parenting forums.

Steve’s selfless act has inspired other fathers across the city to attempt their own amazing feats of parenting. One dad, Brett Matheson, even took one of his 3 children off his wife’s hands and to the site of a blazing house fire with the Fredericton Fire Department. “I let him hold the hose, and sometime I might even bring him into the burning building to save someone,” said Matheson. “You know, if the wife needs a break again.”

As for Steve, he claims that what he did wasn’t so special — and it’s something he may even try again. “I’m just an average guy,” Steve said with altogether too much humility. “I’m trying to stay down-to-earth despite everyone telling me how great a dad I am. Honestly, I think April would have done the same thing for me.”

The Manatee‘s reporter asked April whether she minds being demoted overnight to second-best parent in their little family. “Do I mind … are you kidding?! I’m just ecstatic to be married to the best dad in the world — I got pretty lucky. I guess Steve’s going to take Herman to a show at the Capital this weekend too — his band’s playing Friday night. Herman can just sit at the bar and have a drink or whatever while I go to yoga. I couldn’t be happier.”

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside caught wind of the act, and is considering giving Steve the inaugural “Father of the Year” award for 2015, but first wants to wait and see whether other dads step forward. “It’s looking good for Steve, though,” said Woodside. “I’ve never seen — and have certainly never done — anything like this. The guy’s a hero.”

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