How does he do it? Brian Gallant’s workout/nutrition plan for any would-be premier

New Brunswick — It’s no secret that New Brunswick has some of the highest obesity rates in Canada. So how does the province’s premier have such a rock-hard body? The Manatee sat down with Brian Gallant to get an exclusive look into his pristine health regime.

M: OK Brian, I’m just going to say what’s on everyone’s mind here. You look like Harvey Dent without any of the facial scarring or insanity. How do you manage a crazy province like New Brunswick and not look like a tub of lard?

G: (Laughs) Well it’s not easy. God knows I have moments of weakness, especially after a hard session at the Legislature when I just want to go home, binge-watch Portlandia and eat kettle corn. But I tell myself that being healthy isn’t just for my sake — I have to be a role-model for this province if we want everyone to get healthier and save health-care costs. I go to the gym before going home and having supper, otherwise I just wouldn’t end up going.

M: How often do you work out? What does your nutrition plan look like?

G: I try to go [to the gym] 5 days a week, but sometimes I end up missing a workout if I’m out late at a charity event or meeting with young Liberals. The key is to take it day by day and not be too hard on yourself if you have to take a day off here and there. Just don’t make a habit of it. As for nutrition, just aim for a big breakfast so that you don’t snack on junk, and eat lots of protein and vegetables. Let yourself enjoy life with a piece of cake at a birthday or wings at appetizer night. Otherwise, what’s the point?

M: So why don’t you force all New Brunswickers to do that? Or offer a crazy tax incentive for people who exercise? Wouldn’t that solve all of our problems?

G: (Sighs) I wish it were that simple. I really do. Sadly, change needs to come from yourself, not from others. I see people starting new workout routines or New Year’s resolutions all the time, but deep down they don’t really care enough to make a change, and they just stop going to the gym eventually.

M: But maybe a tax incentive would give them the motivation.

G: I hear what you’re saying, but money isn’t the solution to every problem; focussing on money can actually be pretty unhealthy in itself.

M: All right, forget my next question then. It was about the tuition rebate.

G: Already forgotten. (Winks).

M: Last question: your critics are saying that you broke election promises and cut funding from what the people want, and put it toward what people don’t want, like $21 million to a new downtown centre in Moncton.

G: All I have to say is: look at my critics’ waistlines, then look at mine. I welcome any of them to challenge me for some one-on-one action. Basketball, tennis, hockey — pick your poison. I’m right here.

The Premier Fitness Plan:

Typical day meal plan:

Breakfast: 2 eggs from the Fredericton Farmers’ Market, 1 bowl of oatmeal, 1 fresh-squeezed orange juice

Mid-morning: 1 small portion of homemade granola and nut mix

Lunch: Chicken wrap with no sauce, banana, 1 homemade peanut butter protein ball

Mid-afternoon: 1 small portion of homemade granola and nut mix

Pre-workout: Protein shake

Post-workout: Protein shake

Supper: 4 portions of assorted vegetables, 1 portion of a meat product (steak, chicken, salmon — mix it up!)

Typical workout routine:

Warm up with dynamic stretching (arm swings, leg swings, trunk rotation)

Light to moderate-paced 10-minute run or bike

3 sets of 8 to 10 reps: Deadlift

3 sets of 8 to 10 reps: Bench press

3 sets of 8 to 10 reps: Squats

3 sets of 8 to 10 reps: Dumbbell shoulder press

3 sets of 8 to 10 reps: Pullups super set with 3 sets of 40-second core planks

Cool-down: Run at a moderate to light pace for 15 minutes; static stretching, holding each position for at least 30 seconds.

Full disclosure: The Manatee’s Alex Vietinghoff has a personal trainer certification through Fitness NB that expired in December 2014. He assures us that this workout and nutrition routine will work, but he won’t be held liable for any injuries or political appointments that may arise as a result.

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