Kent County man finally finds accent piece to complete trash garden

Kent County man finally finds accent piece to complete trash garden

Saint-Antoine — Wearing his favourite camouflage suit, infamous local Pete Dumont welcomed as many as 7 people during the opening of his front yard trash exhibition on Saturday. The self-taught exterior designer, after delicately placing his newly stolen urinal next to an oversized Reba McEntire poster, deemed his stunning artwork complete.

“There really is nothing more to add to it,” a teary-eyed Dumont told The Manatee. Sources claim that Dumont spent nearly 4 years searching for pieces that “spoke to him,” going to various junk yards, garages and Salvation Army donation boxes.

“What started out as a simple deep freeze transformed into a garbage bin quickly snowballed into a creepy lawn orgy of garden gnomes, plastic flamingos and Confederate flags tacked onto rusty lawnmowers,” explained Pete’s wife, Geraldine. She says that, upon finding his artistic vision, her husband has slaved away on the front yard project. “If he looked at me the same way he looks at those Christmas lights he stole from the neighbour’s house,” Mrs. Dumont confided sadly, “I would be one happy woman.”

While many support Dumont’s trash garden, some are strongly opposed to it, going as far as signing an online petition for the authorities to ban Dumont from displaying his front yard art.lawngnome

“Not only is it very unappealing,” said local Days of Our Lives aficionado Lucie Leger, “it is also hazardous; many times I have had to shield my eyes from the bright lights emitting from his displayed neon signs while driving.”

However, the artist told The Manatee that he is willing to fight for his creation. “This right here, this is my baby; no one’s gonna take my baby from me,” he cried while stroking a wooden decoration of a leaning fat lady tending to what appeared to be a dandelion pathway.

When asked what plans Dumont has for his front yard in the future, he says he wishes his property to become a conservation site for all those unwanted leaning cowboy silhouette decorations. “I have found my calling — I am finally being… in this place.”

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